In amongst the deluge of new developments for anyone interested in tech coming out of Computex, like the frankly absurd Aorus X5, we have found some information about the new AMD graphical processing units (GPUs).

The GPUs will be based on AMD’s subtly-named high bandwidth memory (HBM) implementation. This promises smaller cards with lower power consumption and higher outputs, and will go up against NVIDIA’s Maxwell cards.

Speaking of NVIDIA, the price of their cards may drop if AMD announces a lower RRP, which may happen on the 16th. AMD has, in the past few years, been the cheaper option while still delivering comparable performance in the GPU space, so the announcement will determine if this dynamic is changed.

If you happen to find yourself in Los Angeles on the 16th, you can reserve yourself a seat at AMD’s announcement and watch it live. Otherwise you can just wait until 9 AM PST (6 PM in South Africa) and watch the livestream.