With many PS4 owners still trapped in the Lovecraftian claws/tentacles/other of Bloodborne, VG247 has reported that Dark Souls 3 will be announced at this year’s E3, according to a source close to Namco.

If you are familiar with the series you may know that Hidetaka Miyazaki was the director of both Demon’s Souls – the precursor to Dark Souls – and Bloodborne. Well, he’s rumoured to be the director for Dark Souls 3.

With Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne being Playstation exclusives, there is a high probability of this announcement taking place during Sony’s E3 press conference on June 15th at 6 PM PT (3 AM, June 16th in South Africa), but this was not confirmed by the source.

The Souls series has become both lauded and infamous for its difficulty – something of a departure from most Triple A games that dial back difficulty in favour of empowering players. Because of this, it’s managed to divide players in opinion, with one side throwing controllers in rage and the other defending it as a return to form for the hardcore games they grew up with.

Miyazaki’s Bloodborne has been a bit easier on the thumbs and has attracted many new fans to the unique worlds From Software is so, so good at crafting. Whether Dark Souls 3 will follow suit in this regard – or whether it’s even a going concern – remains to be seen.

[Source – VG247]