Stock Shop is ‘nationalising’ access to the stock market…in a way that would please many people. The new startup aims to get everyone from beginners to experienced investors trading, learning and investing on the stock market at little or no cost.

Many of us find the stock market intimidating and complicated even though we are always on the look out for opportunities to make more money. This is what inspired Stock Shop founder and CEO Annabel Dallamore who previously worked at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

“If you want to invest your money responsibly, Stock Shop can help educate and inform you about the stock market as well as present the products and services available. It can help you learn more so you make well-informed decisions.”

Stock Shop has a two-pronged approach to educating users about the stock market. The first is an online learning platform called Stock Shop Academy where you can enroll for courses for lessons, some of which are free, on the language and products of the trading world. Learning through the academy takes place at one’s individual pace and time.

The second approach is Stock Shop Daily News, a news service on the market which also offers tips and attempts to demystify financial concepts. Information on the blog and news service will include information on the latest research as well as details on the events of interest.

Signing up for Stock Shop is free and the startup makes money by leading users to product and service providers and taking a portion of monthly trading fees. Sign up and see what it could mean for your pocket.