A huge group of robotic penguins in an upright position swivel left and right, mirroring the movements of people at the bitforms Gallery in New York, much the amusement of visitors. This is part of a form of art by Daniel Rozin that combines technology with artistic perspective.

Rozin specialises in artistic mirror pieces. Most of his artworks respond to or mirror movements and points of view of visitors who interact with pieces.

The Penguins Mirror is his latest project and features 450 stuffed penguins, each perched on a motor which allows them to rotate. The penguins originally stand with their backs turned to a viewer and are able to detect movement via video camera and “reflect” a person’s silhouette with their white chests.

Take a look at the Penguin Mirror in action in the video below and see Rozin’s other artworks on his website.

“Penguins Mirror” (2015) by Daniel Rozin from bitforms gallery on Vimeo.

[Source – Colossal, image – Vimeo]