Cape Town is set to become the first South African city to have its own Monopoly board.

The game is slated for release this November, and what’s more, players get to vote on which of Cape Town’s landmarks will appear in the game.

“Cape Town has long been on our list of regional Monopoly targets and when we had the Mother City included on our anniversary edition, we knew this year was the one to bring Monopoly to Cape Town’s shores,” said Dan Taylor, head of regional Monopoly.

“We’re extremely excited to see how it’s received and have high hopes that Cape Town will be the first of many South African Monopoly games launched in the next three years.”

The public can also submit ideas for moving pieces and local phrases and words for the “Community Chest” and “Chance” playing cards.

Send your vote and submissions in to [email protected]. Votes close in three weeks time.

[Image – CC Wikimedia Commons]