The amount of leaks and announcements that are occurring ahead of the E3 are beginning to make us wonder whether there’ll be any surprises left when the expo gets underway in Los Angeles next week.

So far we’ve heard tell of a new Fallout game, a new Tomb Raider, a new DOOM, a new Xbox One control pad and a raft of Project Morpheus games that will all be making an appearance at E3. There’s also been word that a new Dark Souls game may be on the cards and we know that the last gen Uncharted trilogy is getting a new gen port. The news feed ahead of E3 is starting to look positively bloated.

Maybe Activision was feeling left out, because today’s leak is about one of their biggest franchises: Destiny. Kotaku has published a story stating that the next expansion pack for Bungie’s FPS/MMO hybrid will be called The Taken King and it’ll see release on September 15th.

Citing what it calls ‘alleged marketing materials’ that a source leaked to the site, Kotaku has also revealed that the new expansion pack will open up a new sub-class for each of the game’s current warrior classes.

The fact sheet, which Kotaku says it’s corroborated the validity of with ‘other sources’, states that the new expansion will retail at $40 and, alongside the new sub-classes, will offer PvP maps, new Strikes and a brand new Raid, which will have players going up against someone called Oryx, father of Crota – the raid boss in Destiny’s first expansion pack, The Dark Below. Apparently Oryx is a little peeved that players had the temerity to kill his son and he wants revenge.

When Kotaku reached out to Bungie for comment, the developer declined to the surprise of absolutely no one. If the fact sheet is legit, it’s a pretty safe bet that The Taken King will probably make an appearance at E3 – and the smart money says it’ll be during Sony’s keynote. Watch this space…