The sum of R10 will hardly net you a big bag of chips, let alone a movie in South African, unless of course you’re buying a pirated version. But a local video-on-demand service is offering you a way to get cheap, local movies, the legal way.

Video on demand service iBioskop features movies, music videos, documentaries and TV shows predominantly from South African, but with some content from Western Africa as well. Movies cost R10 to buy but TV Shows, documentaries and music videos go for only R4 a pop.

“There are millions of South Africans who would love to access film content on their mobile phones but simply cannot afford to do so because of the data costs,” said Pascal Schmitz, director of AAA Entertainment, which owns iBioskop.

iBioskop has teamed up with cloud service company, GO!planet to set up free WiFi hotspot in twenty locations including major taxi ranks across South Africa to grant users wider access to its service and keep data costs down. It hopes to have them in place by the end of this year.

iBioskop has also made it easier for users without credit cards or a bank account to buy content through the OTT payment voucher service.

“These pre-paid vouchers can be purchased through pre-paid vendors in commuter centres, as well as a variety of retailers, such as Glocell, Caltex Fresh Stop and Fashionworld stores with many new retail outlets coming online soon,” AAA Entertainment said. “These OTT vouchers can also be purchased at many vendors at the taxi ranks.”

You can find a voucher vendor near you on the OTT website.

Recently, iBioskp was introduced to the international market at the Cannes Film Festival. As a result, a number of international film agencies have signed up to licence their movies to iBioskop, so you can expect to see more diverse content in the near future.

[Image – CC Wikimedia Commons]