Standard Bank will make its app available on the Apple Watch by the end of September, the bank has just announced.

This means Standard Bank will be the first South African bank to release an app for wearable tech.

“We are continuously looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier and to make banking a seamless part of their daily lives.  With our smart watch app we are providing greater choice to customers about how they would like to stay in control of their finances,” said Magnus Taljaard, head of Digital Customer Solutions at Standard Bank

The company said the app is still being piloted with a handful of users. Though there’s no official local release date for the Apple Watch yet, you can pick one up for R9 999 on Takelot.

One of the features in Standard Bank’s Apple Watch app is called Balance Peek, which allows you to view your account balance without having to log onto internet banking or the app on your smartphone.


“Balance Peek on smart watches is perfect for those moments when you need to quickly and unobtrusively check your balance,” Taljaard explained.

To help keep your details private, you’ll be able to link your Apple Watch to your iPhone and turn Balance Peek on and off via the smartphone app. You can also de-link from the app altogether.

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Standard Bank says that an app for the Android Wear smartwatch is in the pipeline for later in the year.

[On a side note, if we were the owner of the bank account displayed on the iPhone 6, we’d be a little worried that there’s over R10 000 owed on a credit card. Then again, your account would naturally look like that if you’d just bought a smartwatch that costs R9 999.]

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