After three years of development, which included a Kickstarter campaign, a buyout of $2 billion (around R29 billion) and several lawsuits, the consumer version of Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has been finally unveiled.

At a press conference ahead of E3, Facebook unveiled the new unit as well as a new controller and software.

The “Oculus Touch” may look very strange, but it features various sensors to record gestures and movements, which can be used to project your hands in the virtual realities you partake in.


Touch 2
We choose to believe that the guy on the left is in a virtual rave

Other hardware includes removable headphones and announced compatibility with the Xbox One controller.

Speaking of Xbox and Microsoft, the forthcoming Windows 10 OS will apparently play well with the Rift, especially for games.

Oculus VR also announced something called “Oculus Home”, an online client where players can buy VR games, interact with other players and share clips. A 2D version of it is available if you want to come back to meat space.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the retail version of the Rift: exact hardware specifications such as display types, an RRP or if we will get it here in SA without having to import it. You’ll know as soon as we do, as always.

I made this :)
The original Rift used in the Kickstarter campaign (left) and the actual version you can soon buy (right).


[Source – WIRED]