First National Bank [FNB] has become the first banking institution in South Africa to launch a mobile service by issuing its own mobile SIM cards – and the service went live today.

FNB adds the mobile voice and data service to it’s growing technology-focused offerings, which also includes ADSL and 3G broadband packages through FNB Connect. The service uses Cell C’s network for delivery.

“Mobility and banking innovation are now synonymous in the minds of FNB customers, we are excited to launch a South African first for banking via FNB Connect as the next step in our digital evolution,” said Jacques Celliers, CEO of FNB, in a statement.

Once you get a FNB Connect SIM card, the details thereof is linked to your FNB online banking profile, so you will be able to check your balance and top up your account from there.

“The integration of this offering with digital platforms such as FNB’s Online Banking will afford customers the benefit of a single login to simultaneously manage their financial and mobile accounts. This provides peace of mind knowing that the same advanced security that protects customers’ financial accounts will also protect their mobile accounts,” FNB explained.

The full tariff schedule is below. The best deals are available on the data contracts, but the real benefit is for FNB customers who win healthy eBuck bonuses the more they spend. The curious thing is that as with other networks, you will be able to buy topups and credit with ebucks as well (although this isn’t implemented in the FNB banking website yet) – so you can buy with ebucks and then receive a load of them back straight away.

Full details and applications are here.

FNB pricing


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