Tariffic is a clever software company that tracks mobile spending and contracts, and then compares them to other contracts from alternate service providers and finally suggests a cheaper contract to save you money.

It’s been tracking the second quarter of this year (April to June) and revealed their findings today in a press release.

Before we go through the results with you, please keep in mind that Tariffic only tracks contracts from the four biggest service providers in the country (Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Telkom), does not include prepaid options, and does not take the price of the phones into consideration.

Vodacom and MTN price increases

Both service providers increased their postpaid contracts by “by an average 3% -5%”. If you were an existing customer during this time, you should have received an SMS or similar notification before your contract’s price was increased. MTN also increased the price of their data bundles while Vodacom did not.

Cell C and MTN-specific packages

The “My MTNChoice” packages were found to be very liquid in terms of a user’s changing requirements from their contract. This is especially useful if you find your needs changing or take Tariffic’s advice to move to a different contract.

Cell C’s “Straight Up” packages have had some recent and very confusing changes: “[they] decreased the amount of data they offer with their Straight Up packages by half. This came after they initially increased their prices in December last year and then offered double the data from February (a seeming win for consumers). It’s worth noting that Cell C did not actually refer to the doubling of Straight Up data as a promo.” Tariffic now suggests that the “ChatMore” package is the best alternative if you want to remain with Cell C.

To illustrate the use of their services,Tariffic included case studies of  four users of very different back grounds and data, SMS and call use. Of them, Cell C was recommended as the cheapest options three times with Telkom claiming one. Also; wherever Cell C was the winner, Telkom was the second best choice, and vice versa.

Tariffic’s package tracker in full.
[Main image – CC Tsahi Levent-Levi]