The Right2Know campaign’s goal of helping to reduce the high cost of communication is informed by dedicated research which the social advocacy group wants to share with you.

Civicus House on  24 Gwigwi Mrwebi Street in Newtown will host the launch of two publications that will enlighten you about the state of the right to communicate in South Africa. The first of the two publications is “The Lived Costs of Communication”, a study by Wits University’s Link Centre that illustrates the impact of cellphone costs on the lives of poor South Africans. The second publication is an international comparative study presenting alternatives to South Africa’s commercialised provision of internet and phone services titled “Alternatives to Privatized Telecommunications”.

Right2Know Campaign national coordinator Micah Reddy says they are hoping to make the launch less of an academic seminar with experts talking at the audience, and instead make it a lot more engaging. Visit the R2K website for more information as well as the days programme. The event begins at 9h30am and last until 13:45pm on Tuesday the 23rd of June..

[Image by CC 3.0/Vgrigas]