Standard Bank has expanded its startup incubator programmes at its Rosebank offices, to add two new accelerators to help new businesses find their feet. The first is being run by SW7 Tech Accelerator and will focus on companies with established products and client bases, while the other named Ignitor Bootcamp is aimed at assisting start-ups.

The first SW7 Tech Accelerator is is currently underway on Thursday evenings, and head of incubators Jayshree Naidoo told us that recruitment for a new intake will begin next month.

The good news for early stage startups looking for help is that the Ignitor Bootcamp, which runs from 3rd-5th July, is still accepting applications. Following the bootcamp, the Ignitor programme continues for three months with face-to-face mentorship twice a month and online training.

“We want to put these entrepreneurs in front of our corporate client base so that they have access to market opportunities and in addition all our programmes offer access to mentors and coaches and technical resources which we offer through our technical incubator situated at the University of Johannesburg,” Naidoo says.

“Very often, entrepreneurs approach organisations like Standard Bank for funding, but to become successful, they really need access to technical and development resources. This is where SW7 and Ignitor come in.”

There is a fee for the SW7 programme, which is partly subsidised by Standard Bank for qualifying businesses. The Ignitor accelerator is free of charge.