Next to buying a car, purchasing a house is one of the single biggest investments a person can make. To make this experience less intimidating for first-time-buyers, First National Bank (FNB) has launched an online tool to guide them through the process.

The bank’s “first of its kind” online property tool is called FNB Property Leader and it aims to help you through the entire property process from buying to selling.

“We have been developing the FNB Property Leader concept over the last couple of years and we are delighted to launch the site,”says Marius Marais, CEO of FNB Home Loans.

“For many people the process of buying and selling a property can be overwhelming. This tool is a way to hold the consumer’s hand throughout the entire process from before starting to look for a first house to when it is time to sell.”

The website is divided into two sections, Buy a Property and Selling a Property, and has been designed in FNB’s familiar style – you know, just to make things uniform between all the channels. According to FNB, potential home owners can receive pre-approval within seconds.

“With our pre-approval process, the customer literally becomes a “cash buyer”. The system checks the customer’s credit score and, depending on customer’s risk profile and affordability, automatically creates a pre-approval letter which serves as a provisional guarantee giving the buyer the necessary negotiating power.”

Once you have gone through all the step, you can even submit your property documentation though the newly-created portal.

“We have created a platform that accepts all the documentation and information required for a home loan application with FNB. The process is quick to log and the customer can track their home loan application through the site,” explained Marais.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Dan Moyle]

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