Can you believe Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport racing game franchise has been going for ten years now? Where has all the time flown?

To celebrate its flagship racing franchise’s anniversary, Microsoft has taken the wraps off of a special edition Forza 6-themed Xbox One. Instead of just giving it a stylish new look with racing stripes and a gorgeous automotive colour scheme, the guys over at the Xbox division have added new sound effects as well.

When the console boots up, you’ll hear a high-end car engine start up and rev hard; when it turns off a car brakes and comes to a halt, and when you press the eject button, the sound of a nut being hydraulically tightened plays. It’s pretty sweet, I’ll be honest.

As cool as these petrol-fuelled touches are, it’s perhaps the overhauled controller that’ll really get your motor running. Microsoft has tuned the design to match the dark blue and racing-stripe-bedecked look of the SE console, but they’ve also coated the underside of the two grips with a knurled rubber material that apparently makes it feel more like an actual steering wheel.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s a video by Xbox’s @AceyBongos (Graeme Boyd) showing everything off:

The special edition console is out in the US on the 15th of September and the 18th of September in Europe (so we should get it around that time as well), and retails for $399. It will include a code for the digital download of Forza Motorsport 6 as well.

Who’s keen? Or who, like me, is feeling like the last Forza only just came out…

[Source – The Next Web]
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