Remember that old anti-piracy ad that used to be played before movies in the early 2000’s?

One good thing that emerged from it was the jokes that it spawned – one of which was a message in the video: “you wouldn’t download a car.” The idea of doing just that has long since been pie in the sky, a futuristic fantasy about cars materialising out of nothing.

Well Ford has brought that fantasy closer to reality. You can now purchase .STL files of various cars from Ford which can then be printed in your closest 3D printer.

The following cars are available:

  • Ford GT (2017)
  • F-150 Raptor (2016)
  • Focus RS (2016)
  • Focus ST (2015)
  • Fiesta ST (2015)
  • Shelby GT 350R (2016)

You can buy the files from Ford’s 3D printables store for $4.99 (R60.34) each.  Although it defeats the purpose of the exercise, “pre-printed” versions of the cars can be obtained for $39 (R472.35), with a special version of the GT (which is printed in several different colours of plastic)  coming it at a hefty $230 (R2 781.32).

The models come in 1/32nd scale, but the ones you print yourself can be scaled up or down if you have the skills to do so. Currently only the files of the Focus ST and Fiesta ST are available for purchase but the rest are apparently on their way.