Microjobbing platform M4JAM and youth employment accelerator, Haramabee, have joined forces to help unemployed youths earn a bit of extra cash and improve their skills.

The partnership has so far seen a group of Harambee members complete a number of  job on M4JAM over a period of eight weeks as part of a work readiness program.

Members had to work in groups to do a job requiring them to identify the locations of certain stores and restaurants in three townships. They then had to take a selfie with the business’ owner and conduct a sales pitch convincing them to receive a follow-up call about a specific product from the company instigating the data-gathering exercise.

“The Harambee youth have taken a massive step towards empowerment and are on the road to shaping their future,” said M4JAM co-founder, Andre Hugo. “They are not waiting for work to find them, they are focused on earning money and learning – and that is exactly the sort of jobber we want on our platform.”

“I enjoyed the fact that it actually helped prepare us for employment in the working world. I learned that hard work pays off if you have patience, which is helping me as I wait to find out the start date for my new job,” said Harambee member and jobber, Vuyiseka Makhaba.