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Beats Pill XL recalled; don’t return it to SA retailers

Apple issued a recall for the Beats Pill XL last week because apparently there’s a small chance it “may overheat and pose a fire safety risk” due to an overheating battery.

Should you have purchased one, as they are available in South Africa via big-name retailers like DionWired and Incredible Connection, Apple has asked that you return it to them directly, and not via retailers that sell or support Beats products.

To do so, you’ll need to fill out a form on Apple’s website and the company will send you a postage-paid box in which to pack the Pill XL, which will then be whisked off to the US. We checked, and the form has even been customised according to country, South Africa included.

Apple offers a choice of reimbursement: you can either get an Apple Store credit, or an electronic payment.

Once your Pill XL arrives on the other side, Apple says “your Apple Store credit or electronic payment will be available within approximately 3 weeks”.

We’ve contacted the local distributor of the Beats Pill XL, who told us people will need to go through Apple for the return process as they have not been given any instructions on their participation in the recall.

So please don’t head back to the shop you bought your Pill XL at, because all you’ll get are blank stares when you ask about the recall. Use Apple’s form instead.

[Source & Image – Apple]

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