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Kaspersky wants to give you free Heroes Of The Storm stuff

If you’re torn between buying Kaspersky, Norton, BitDefender or any other security vendor’s software, and you play Heroes of the Storm, Kaspersky might help you make your mind up.

The company is offering a free hero and a new skin to anyone who buys its multi-device Total Security and Internet Security software, along with an extra three months of protection.

It’s not just new purchases that qualify, either – the Kaspersky website says renewals also get Dwarven hero Muradin and his Magni skin thrown in.

Muradin would cost you $3.99 otherwise (which is, thanks to our dismayingly-performing currency, just over R50 today), while his Magni skin goes for $9.99, or R125. So in all, you’ re getting R175 worth of free stuff with your R399.50/R349.50 KTS/KIS purchase, which isn’t bad at all if you’re an avid Heroes of the Storm player.

Find out more about the offer on Kaspersky’s SA page.

Incidentally, Blizzard has also just announced an expansion for the game called Eternal Conflict (via Dualshockers). That’s pretty quick for Blizzard, since Heroes of the Storm was only released on the 2nd of June. The expansion lets you play as The Butcher from Diablo III, and adds a new Diablo-themed map to slaughter your foes on.

Clearly, Kaspersky wants PC gamers to go with its security software and is using a really popular game to motivate them to switch.

Will it work? If you’re an avid Heroes of the Storm player, does this offer make you consider switching if you’re not already a Kaspersky user? Let us know.

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