JK Brickworks, a prevalent force in the Lego community, pumps out interesting brick creations regularly. The pointless machine, gravity powered walking animals, and a version of De Vinci’s flying machine can all be found among his creations.

Today’s  “certainly-not-in-the-instructions” build is a mosaic printer.

Using parts from the computer/Lego hybrid Mindstorms, the machine scans a hand-coloured grid using a colour sensor and then “prints” a copy of the image, turning the grid into a mosiac (with each square in the grid becoming a single Lego piece).

The pieces required to build the mosaic are supplied by a gravity feed that holds up to four-hundred and fifty pieces of up to nine different colours. A single small print takes almost twenty minutes, but it’s magic to watch:

We’re going to file this under “extremely interesting with very little use”.

In other news, if you haven’t had your share of Danish plastic for today, the Batmobile from Batman v Superman is getting the Lego treatment, as is the classic Ferrari F40. Prepare your wallets.

The Batmobile in black… and sometimes very, very dark grey.
The Ferrari F40 in iconic Ferrari/Lego red.
[Source – Youtube, Images – The Wall Street Journal, Brickset]
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