Telkom has dropped the price of some of its data products. But don’t celebrate just yet, the reductions only apply to certain DSL and FTTH data bundles, and by amounts that probably won’t get anyone excited for the most part.

The reductions range from 1% to what Telkom calls “more than 15%” in a press statement. Now, the new Do bundles start at R399 (down from R408) for Do Basic (a package that offers “up to 2mbps” DSL and a 10GB soft cap), and go all the way up to R999 for the Do Elite Plus Bundle (up to 40Mbps VDSL and a 100GB soft cap).

Do Elite – an “up to 20mbps VDSL” product with 50GB of data – actually increases by 1%, taking its price up to R799.

Existing Do customers will benefit from these reductions, which took effect yesterday, with the exception of Do Elite customers who will be paying their additional 1% from the 1st of August.

Telkom already gives Do customers free “night surfer” data between midnight and 7am as well as a handful of other incentives for free, like a 3GB mailbox with up to five aliases and the ADSL line rental fee included in the DSL package costs.

On the fibre to the home side, Telkom has introduced new pricing that ranges from R699pm for a 10mbps/50GB fibre connection to R1 599 for a 100gbps/200GB connection, which the company says is a reduction of 11%.

The package to get the biggest price cut is the 40mbps/100GB bundle that used to sell for R1 299 a month, which has been dropped to R1 099pm. That’s a reduction of 15.4 per cent.

Do these cuts excite you, or are you happy with your existing ISP’s offerings? As always, let us know.

[Image – CC by 2.0/nrkbeta]
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