Oh, Wii U owners, we really feel for you. Not only do you own a games console that a lot of people still don’t understand and whose “imminent death” the internet regularly debates, but now it looks like you won’t be getting any virtual reality content either.

That’s because one of the biggest names over at Nintendo – and gaming in general – Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t believe in it.

At a recent investor call, Miyamoto expressed concern over what he saw of the technology at this year’s E3, saying developers were showing “dream-like” and non-playable demos whose commercial viability and release windows were unclear.

According to Trusted Reviews, Miyamoto’s exact words were:

“I got the general impression that they were showcasing not only the products for this year but also many products for next year or the year after and, because of that, introductions for many of their software titles were done visually, not with playable demos.

“Also, many demonstrations for virtual-reality devices have been conducted at recent trade shows, and at this year’s E3, I noticed a number of dream-like demonstrations for which the schedule and format for commercialisation are unknown.”

This, coupled with Miyamoto’s observation of the single-player focus of the tech, makes VR understandably difficult to apply to Nintendo’s approach of creating games playable by many people at a time.

If the man behind Mario, Zelda and other massive Nintendo franchises says “meh” to VR, chances of the tech coming to the Wii U are slim to none.

[Source – Trusted Reviews, Image – Nintendo]
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