Journey really was an aptly named game. Every game developer and their aunty will talk your ear off with “emergent gameplay” and “narrative focus” and (our most hated term) “revolutionary mechanics”. But Journey was different, a refreshing title that had something to offer which we had not seen in a long time; the game let you wonder off and find a way through it of your own choosing. As any wayward son will tell you, you could journey into a bad time.

Regardless of your feelings towards the game, it was locked away on the aged PS3, up until now. The official Playstation blog, has announced that Journey will make the trip over to the current gen PS4.

Journey will be available for download on the Playstation store from July 21st. Although no price has been set yet, the game will support cross buy, which means that any Playstation account that had purchsed the PS3 version will get the new version for free.

The game already has a listing on the local Playstation store.

The wording of the blog seems to suggest that the game will feature upgraded graphics, but we’ll have to get our grubby paws on it first before we can make sure of that.

Finally, for the dedicated odyssey fans, the Journey vinyl can be preordered for $35 (R437.74) and will be shipped in August this year and there is a social media campaign for the game with the hashtag #OurJourney. The campaign is being collated on a subsite, but it wasn’t functioning as of writing.

Dust off your sandals and prepare to go walkabout.