While the main Maker Station site is under maintenance, they’ve launched a massive new repository of resources for the industrious creator in the form of Maker Directory.

If you point your browser in the direction of Maker Directory, you’ll find yourself on a custom Google Map of Africa. Although in early development, the map will become your one-stop shop for finding the closest maker space to you.

Screenshot (5)

In the spirit of what this map is made to do, it is open to users submitting their spaces. All you need is an account on the site, and to submit. The content will be manually curated though, so you can expect up to date content that won’t lead you to a field in the veldt instead of a glorious space to make.

While the map is the main focus of the directory, please don’t forget all the other great content on the site. Projects, suppliers, and clubs will also be featured, all of which can be rated and favourited by users for the best experiences vetted by others.

We’re really excited by the potential of this directory. One of the biggest hurdles in attracting new makers to the hobby is providing space and tools for people to try before they buy.

In addition, even the most adept amongst us needs a trusted place to get the raw material and tools for our next projects, which Maker Directory can certainly help with.