Hey reader. Yes, reader, that’s you, the person who is reading this thing. Do you enjoy reading htxt.africa’s unique mix of local tech news, blog stories and features? Do you listen to every podcast and read every newsletter? Want to help us make what we do even better?

A website is only as good as its readers, and while we reckon ours are the best there is, we know that we don’t get to hear from you often enough. Which is why we’re looking to recruit an elite group of volunteers into a Readers’ Panel.

What is the Readers’ Panel? Why, we’re glad you asked.

In the parlance of the web we’re looking for our superfans: the people who never miss an article, who comment on everything we do. We want to find people who’d be willing to answer questions we have about how our work is perceived, who’d be keen to listen to new ideas we have and help evaluate them before we launch and maybe meet up a couple of times a year for a meal and a discussion around our editorial strategy for the future.

Oh yeah, and there’s also fun toys involved too. A key part of the being on the readers’ panel is that we want to send out some of the latest gear for readers to play with and get your feedback, because the truth is that you can provide valuable insights and differing opinions on our reviews. Sometimes this may be on behalf of our advertisers, sometimes it will be because we want to see what you think of something.

Right now, for example, we’re looking for a superfan who’s keen to play around with one a top end smartphone for a month or so and send back regular reports about how they’re getting on. We can’t guarantee you’ll get to keep the phone at the end, but we will make it worth your while.

So, reckon you fit the bill? Do you want to join the htxt.africa Readers’ Panel? Sign up below. We want to recruit a decent mix of people, so forgive the few personal questions – we won’t share your answers with anyone, promise.


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