BlackBerry may have been named the fastest selling smartphone on Phonefinder and reported to have held 31.6% of the local smartphone market share in 2014, but its users are the least satisfied customers in the country.

This is according to the latest survey results released by the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) which surveyed brand satisfaction among 2 105 consumers between March and May this year.

Apple, Nokia and Samsung were also part of the survey. Apple scored the highest at 82.7 (out of 100), followed by Nokia at 78.9 and Samsung at 78.8. Although the survey reveals that BlackBerry improved on last year’s score, it still didn’t pass the industry benchmark, scoring 70.6.

The good news it, all improved on their previous scores and altogether scored an average of 77.2.

“Customers expect more of mobile handsets than they are getting, with the exception of Nokia and Samsung, which are exceeding their customers’ expectations in terms of meeting their needs,” said SAcsi founder Prof Adré Schreuder.

Additional, not only are BlackBerry users not happy with their mobiles, they also recorded the highest number of complaints. The flip side of that coin is that BlackBerry scored second best in terms of of complaints handling.

Complaints across all brands have generally decreased since 2013.

Samsung is the only brand that has shown an upward trend in meeting customers’ expectations since 2013, going 79.3 that year and in 2014 and then 82 this year. All other brands have scored lower since then.

The most loyal users are Apple customers, who’ve helped the brand score 80.6 in 2015, up from 77.6 in 2013. Apple users are also the most likely to recommend the brand’s smartphone to non-users, while Samsung users follow closely behind.