As the dust settles on last weekend’s Comic-Con, some movie production companies have decided to release the trailers and footage shown off in San Diego on YouTube – probably because fan-leaked shaky-cam footage is less than ideal.

We’ve already seen the trailer for the new Suicide Squad movie that Warner Bros released in HD (albeit grudgingly)¬†and now Legendary Pictures has decided to release footage of the upcoming Warcraft film.

Legendary took an interesting approach to showing off its sword-and-sorcery blockbuster, which as everyone and their dog knows is based on Blizzard’s mega-selling world-conquering World Of Warcraft MMO. Apparently fans were handed Google Cardboard viewers at Legenedary’s booth that allowed them to access a VR experience called Warcraft: Skies Of Azeroth. Now they’ve posted this experience online.

Click on the above video and you’ll be able to see what the world of Warcraft looks like from the air – and you’ll even be able to pan around to take in all of the scenery in a full 360 degree arch. From the looks of things, you’re flying over the Alliance stronghold of Stormwind on the back of a giant eagle.

We’re hoping, incidentally, that the screenwriters Charles Leavitt (who wrote Blood Diamond) and Duncan Jones (who wrote and directed Moon and Source Code – and is also directing this film) won’t adopt the same narrative tactics that employ giant eagles as J.R.R. Tolkien. That is, whenever the author writes their characters¬†into a corner, they deploy a giant eagle as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Warcraft is slated for release next year.