Don’t you wish you’d come up with the concept of Angry Birds?

Since its launch back in 2009, Rovio’s game in which players fling an assortment feathered projectiles into forts filled with snorting pigs has spawned 14 spin-offs (one based on Star Wars), has been downloaded over two billion times and has resulted in the appearance of an army of plushy toys for tots to play with. There’s even an Angry Birds movie rumoured to be in the works, although how you’d build a plot around the game’s content is beyond us.

Now, it seems, it’s getting a sequel.

IGN has reported that Rovio announced Angry Birds 2 in an invitation to an event that the developer is holding in San Francisco at the end of the month. Beyond the date (July 29th) and the city the event will take place in, the poster reveals absolutely no details about the game beyond a tagline that promises it will be “Bigger. Badder. Birdier” (whatever that means).

Angry Birds 2

We have to confess that we wasted an awful lot of time on the first Angry Birds game, although we fell out of love with it around the time that the Star Wars themed addition was released. There’s only so many ways a developer can make the act of shooting birds at porcine targets interesting and we have to confess we found the physics in the game highly suspect.

That having been said, we’re slightly intrigued to see what Rovio will do for Angry Birds 2. Surely the Finnish developer has something more interesting in mind than more birds catapulting into forts? Surely?