If you haven’t been paying your etolls like you have been told, then take heart, because there’s someone who probably owes more than you do.

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters revealed in parliament recently that a number of Gauteng municipalities owes R2.4-million to Sanral in etolls.

According to a statement from the Democratic Alliance (DA) Ekurhuleni Metro owes the most amount in etolls – R1.83 million – followed by Tshwane (R3 516 44), Emfuleni Local Municipality (R127 685) and Lesedi Local Municipality (R111 000).

Peters was asked by the DA whether any Gauteng municipalities owe money to the SA National Roads Agency Limited for etolls; if so which municipalities and, what amount do they owe.

“It is pure hypocrisy that government calls on citizens and businesses to buy e-tags and pay E-tolls(sic), when governments themselves refuse to pay E-tolls(sic),” the DA said in a statement.

The DA also said that the fact that the government expects citizens to pay etolls even when they even don’t wasn’t exactly cricket.

“The Government is being blatantly unfair by expecting citizens to do something they aren’t prepared to,” the DA said in its statement. “The DA has long held that e-tolls are double taxation and that the E-toll(sic) scheme is a job killing scheme.”

So, from the looks of things, local municipalities find etolls about as palatable as the general public.

[Image – CC by 2.o/Axel Bührmann]


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