Sometimes it feels like the maker community lacks a critical sense of direction. Indeed, its open source nature is both its greatest weakness and its main driver. When thousands (if not millions) of makers are doing their own thing, sometimes magic happens that can turn into million dollar ideas. But sometimes, we get things like WTF Duino.

Made by a single man who we’re sure is plenty bananas himself, Calum Knott describes the project as “making ‘simple’,complicated.”

“I believe micro-controllers are too easy to use, and too sensible,” Knott said, “The world needs a more confusing Arduino.”

If you think this is just a gag with a plastic toy, it’s not. The WTF Duino is based on a standard Arduino with an  Atmega328p SMD processor in “in a format that makes it impossible to breadboard, and hard to use” as well as being programmable in the official Arduino IDE using some custom drivers. And it’s not open source, of course.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re keen to get some more potassium in your projects, it will apparently cost £15 (R290). The official site isn’t accepting orders yet, but you can leave your email address to “register your interest”. Once you have one you can use the site’s getting started guide that is “only” forty-seven “easy” steps.

Joking aside, this is really cool. Even if it is gimmicky, making the unit itself interesting and less industrial-looking just might get a few people making who are otherwise scared by the prospect. This is also great for kids; making Arduino and its ilk more colourful might inspire young kids to start making.