In this week’s Africast, Charlie, Deon and newcomer Clinton sit down to have a quick half-hour chat about some of the more interesting goings-on in the world over the past week or so.

Clinton is a Reddit local and has been for three years now, so he has quite a bit to share about the meltdown and changes happening on the site at the moment. He shares his insights into what led to the drama and what’s happening now.

This sparks some lively discussion about the consequences of attempting to monetise a site like Reddit, and the pitfalls of attempting to make money from a site site whose core appeal is that it’s a free-for-all not whose content is not dictated by any financial goals. It’s good stuff.

Deon got to play the preview code of jump-scare-fest Until Dawn last week, and shares his impressions of the game. The short of it: it’s scary, well-made and makes great use of the PlayStation’s camera to capture footage of players being scared silly. Also, the cast is pretty good.

And finally they get onto Pluto: NASA’s flyby of the dwarf planet by its New Horizons probe has been in the news this week, and for good reason: it’s so good to hear about a human achievement that’s all about expanding our knowledge and satisfying our curiosity about the world for a change. The guys talk a bit about it and what NASA has discovered so far from the huge amount of data they’ve collected.

Enjoy the podcast!

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