Every time we think we’ve seen the most brilliant thing made out of LEGO we assume that nothing will top it. Last week it was the Bricasso, a LEGO mosaic printer, and today it’s this majestic beast.

Flickr user “Mad physicist” has been planning this build since August 2010 and deemed it complete when he uploaded the first image of the completed truck:


The truck on the left is a straightforward build that the Mad physicist (real name Ralph) completed earlier. The one on the right turns into this.

Michael Bay has nothing on this.

And to prove it:

Want to see more LEGO Transformers? ‘Course you do. There are several Flickr groups set-up purely for the purpose. If you want something smaller and less intricate, Flickr user “Chief Supreme”┬ámade a great little build of everyone’s favourite Dinobot, Grimlock.

Still awesome. Even if it’s not as big as Prime.