1998’s Resident Evil 2 has been undergoing a bit of a remodelling for the PC by Italian studio Invader Games, and apparently their efforts are about to see the light of day if Destructoid is to be believed (and it is).

And there are plenty of reasons to get excited about it: firstly, it’s going to be released for free, so anyone with a PC and an internet connection can grab it and play.

Secondly, it’s Resident Frickin’ Evil 2, one of the very best games from the original PlayStation era and a shining example of how to do survival horror right.

Third, it’s been remade with Unreal Engine 4, the latest version of Epic’s brilliant game engine that promises and delivers stunning graphics, so it looks pretty good.

Last, gone are the awkward camera angles of survival horror games of the late 90s; instead, the game plays very much like Resident Evil 4, with a third-person view and the camera positioned over the shoulder of protagonist Leon Kennedy.

From the trailer Invader Games released of their project, it appears the mechanic of being unable to move while shooting makes a return, which is welcome news to fans of RE4 and 5 who appreciated how the restriction heightened the already-significant tension of those games.

If you liked RE6’s more action-y shooting mechanics, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

There’s no news on an actual release date other than “this summer”, but since we’re almost to August and the northern hemisphere’s summer is half-over, expect it to come out literally any day now.

[Source – Destructoid, Image – Invader Games]
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