Necessity really is the mother of all invention, and we can’t think of any other situation that would define necessity more plainly than needing to be rescued after an earthquake (or any other natural disaster).

Given the difficulties with traditional rescue operations – mortal danger for everyone involved – a new method to find survivors has been created by bioboticists at North Carolina State University (“bioboticist” being an extremely cool job title, but not as cool as “Chief Gaming Scientist” or simply “Explorer”).

The cockroaches are implanted with electrodes that will input signals similar to those of the antennae of the bug, who will then interpret them as an obstacle and move accordingly. The result of this is the ability to remote control the cockroaches.

The electronics sticking out of the cockroach’s back allow for this, but they also house a microphone to detect sounds, infra red sensors to find people in debris, propane sensors to smell out gas, a Geiger counter for radioactivity, and a few instruments that communicate with drones to create a map of a disaster zone.

Real world tests of this six-legged lifesaver will happen in two months.

[Source – Tech Radar]