Collectors, prepare your wallets: Bethesda has taken the wraps off the Fallout Anthology, a collection of all Fallout games released for PC so far, contained in a mini nuke case.

It’ll be out a month before Fallout 4 goes on sale – late September/early October – giving people who may have not yet played the games a crash course in what makes the franchise so awesome, and collectors a chance to own all Fallout games and display them in eye-popping fashion.

Inside the mini nuke case is space to store all five games – Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, Fallout 3 GOTY and New Vegas GOTY – but Bethesda has craftily left room for Fallout 4 as well, which you’ll still need to pay for separately. Once it’s out in November and you’ve bought it, your Fallout collection will truly be complete.

The GOTY versions of Fallout 3 and New Vegas will come with all DLC released for those games, giving you many hours of enjoyment over and above their 50+ hour main campaigns.

Engadget says the collection will retail for $50 – R625 – according to a pre-order page that’s gone live on American retailer Best Buy.

We’ve received no word on local pricing or availability, but it stands to reason we’ll also get at least a few of these for our own die-hard Fallout fans, so keep an eye on your news feeds as we’ll tell you the moment we get word.

[UPDATE: We’ve just received word from local Bethesda distributor, Ster Kinekor Entertainment, that the Fallout Anthology will definitely be available in South Africa at a cost of R499.]

[Source – Engadget, Image – Bethesda]
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