Uber is in the news a lot, as they continue to expand their operations – they’re currently in fifty-seven countries – they’re faced with questions about the ethics of what they do, the violence it seems to be propagating and how we deal with this type of change in society.

So what Uber seems to need right now is something unifying. Something everyone loves. Maybe something with a high sugar content. Did anyone hear the ice cream truck?

For those out of the loop, Uber Ice Cream is a service Uber has been running for the last three years. All you need to do to get yourself some of this sweet deal is open the Uber app, set your location, and request it.

It will set you back R80 for four 125ml tubs of Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream.

I’ve never used Uber, and that paid dividends today; Registering with the code “UberIceCreamSA2015” will get you your delivery ice cream for free.

You have to be fast though, and lucky. There is a limited amount of ice cream and the service will only last for today. You also get a sweet hat and some badges – which we suggest you don’t wear around any Gautrain stations.

The flavours we got were:

  • Roasted banana.
  • Cookies and cream.
  • Milk Chocolate.
  • Fudge (but they give it some fancy French name to confuse you).