What do you use the internet for? Sure, it’s an office necessity when it comes to email, research and everything in-between, but when you get home, how important is it to be connected?

In a word, very.

Today’s smart home is about being online 24/7. You may want to unplug altogether, but downtime more often than not includes using the internet for simple tasks like booking movie tickets, or even finding out when the next episode of your favourite TV show is airing. And you certainly can’t access Facebook or any other type of social media without the internet.

It’s a bit scary when you think about it, but more and more of our day-to-day lives are becoming dependant on the internet. Staying connected. Being online.

And as we become more and more digital, we find ourselves relying on Wi-Fi for nearly everything we do: from WhatsApp calls to online grocery shopping, fast and reliable bandwidth has become a must-have for every modern family.

But what what happens when everyone at home is online at the same time?

You’re watching your favourite food vlogger for recipe inspiration, someone else is on Skype chatting to a relative overseas while streaming their favourite TIDAL HD playlist, one kid is doing research online, another is using the Xbox… can your internet connection manage all these different types of traffic simultaneously without any service degradation?

If it’s shaped? Probably not. When your bandwidth is shaped, you’re going to experience slower surfing speeds as your connection tries to prioritise what is the most important. Silly isn’t it? You’re the person who should be deciding what comes first in your family, not your ISP.

The answer is unshaped. If you choose a package like Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe, for example, you’re going to experience a better, smoother, faster, and more family-friendly connection.

And while regular capped and shaped bandwith may be able to cope with everyone being on the internet at once, it certainly won’t be as fast, as reliable or as highly prioritised as a Fat Pipe connection.

So the next time your child insists on downloading the entire internet for an important school project, you won’t have to go into family panic mode about being throttled and ban everyone else in the household from going online.

Unshaped makes it easy.

For an unshaped connection the whole family can take advantage of, click here for more information about Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe.

[image – cc by 2.0/gscsnj]
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