If you’ve been wondering how Microsoft is going to handle the rollout of Windows 10 to millions of PCs around the world tomorrow, wonder no more: according to The Verge, not only will it will happen in waves that start at midnight Standard Eastern Time (6am South African time), but it could be downloading to eligible Windows 7 and 8/8.1 PCs right this very second.

“The software giant is preparing for this big release, at 12AM ET on July 29th (9PM PST on July 28th), by pre-loading the final version of Windows 10 on PCs eligible for the upgrade” the site says.

Members of Microsoft’s Windows Insider group who have been helping to test early builds of the OS for months now will be among the first to get their hands on the final retail version of Windows 10,  followed closely by people who’ve reserved their copies of Windows 10 using the “Get Windows 10” button that has been appearing on task bars for a while now.

Should you not be presented with the option to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately from 6am tomorrow, you’re just going to have to wait a bit longer for the rollout wave to hit your particular PC.

And should the “when” of the upgrade not concern you at all, leave your PC doing its thing in the next few days and the update will simply download in the background, and present you with the option to upgrade to 10 once it’s ready to install.

Are you excited for 10’s arrival or will you be sticking with 7/8/8.1 until the dust settles? As always, let us know.

Oh, and pro tip: if you still don’t like the new Windows Start Menu, there’s some good news : Classic Shell, the app that brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7, apparently also works on 10. The latest version was released on the 26th of July, containing several fixes that “improve support for the latest Windows 10 builds”.

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