Let’s be honest here: there are thousands of people in South Africa who watch Netflix.

It might not strictly be legal, but bypass service UnoTelly has been used by many to get around the geo-blocking issue.

The service allows users to spoof their location so that it seems like they are based in the US (or any other nation that Unotelly supports), which then grants them access to paid-for services like Netflix, Hulu and the like.

We are always in favour of doing things the legal way, but if you are using Netflix in South Africa (or in any other country for that matter), the team behind Unotelly has developed a really awesome treat for you – called Filmefy.

The US version of Netflix (which in many cases is the default region) has almost 7 000 titles to watch, but the video streaming service is present in a host of other countries – all with different titles.

Having a Netflix subscription allows you to swap between regions so that you can watch films from different countries, like changing from the US version to the UK version.

While that is fine and dandy, you never know exactly on which region a specific film is showing on – until now.

Developing the Filmefy website, the Unotelly team created a way for Netflix users to browse the entire catalogue of Netflix films from all regions.

Why is this significant? Well, if you are in the mood for Harry Potter, browse over to the page and at the bottom it will tell you what region it is currently available in.

Harry Potter

In this case, it is not available on the US version, but it is available for streaming on the Australian/New Zealand version.

By linking your Unotelly account to Filmefy, you can change your region to the one in which your selected film is showing in just one click. Simple as that.

“Filmefy lets you search for movies and TV shows across Netflix regions around the world. This new search engine integrates seamlessly with your UnoTelly account and makes switching Dynamo regions SO EASY just like trying to spell the word DNA instead of deoxyribonucleic acid,” Unotelly explains.

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