Is the Top Gear team coming to Netflix?

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Say what you want to about Jeremy Clarkson’s food requirements, Richard Hammond’s height or James May’s mullet, but millions of people around the world hang on to every word they have to say about cars.

Since Clarkson was booted off Top Gear, the trio has been parading around stadiums and garages across the globe, punting their Clarkson, Hammond and May live stage act. Now, it seems that they might just get 52 million extra viewers as rumours are growing stronger that the three may be seen on Netflix sometime soon.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, Hammond alluded to the fact that he, Clarkson and May have found a new broadcast home in the USA.

During the Australian leg of the Clarkson, Hammond and May tour, which also visited South Africa not too long ago, Hammond pronounced ‘Z’ with an American accent, to which Clarkson replied “you’re not in America.”

Quipping back, Hammond simply said, “not yet.”

While we know that bit of conversation is next to nothing to go on, rumours have been swirling in chat rooms for a while.

Netflix has a number of original shows produced specifically for the internet company, most notably Orange is the New Black and House Of Cards, so the company isn’t exactly short on cash.

Clarkson, Hammond and May helmed one of (if not the most) popular motoring shows in the world. Netflix doesn’t have a show like that yet – so you would think that they would jump on the situation. UK bookmakers currently tip the US-based media streaming service as the most likely bet to land the Top Gear trio.

[Clarkson image – CC by 2.0/Mark Hooper]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

Charlie started his professional life as a motoring journalist for a community newspaper in Mpumalanga, Charlie explored different journalistic angles since his entry into the fast-paced world of publishing in 2006. While fostering a passion for the arts, Charlie developed a love for technology – both which allowed him to serve as Entertainment and Technology Editor for an online publication. Charlie has since been heavily involved in consumer technology for various websites and publications. He thoroughly enjoys World War II films and cerebral documentaries; aviation; photography and indie music. Oh yes, and he also has a rather strange obsession with collecting coffee mugs from his travels.