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Arkham Knight DLC starring Batgirl is out this month

Developer Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros. aren’t doing much to assuage the ire of gamers tired of downloadable content that comes out on the day of a game’s release, or shortly thereafter.

That’s because the first DLC pack for Batman: Arkham Knight is due out on the 21st of July for PS4 and Xbox One, according to Eurogamer.

No release date for the PC version has been announced, however, as that version of the game has had considerable technical difficulties to the point where it was yanked off digital storefronts everywhere late last month.

The DLC is called A Matter of Family and stars Batgirl, bringing a whole new story for gamers to play through. If you’re wondering how Batgirl is even playable since she was paralyzed by The Joker during the events of The Killing Joke, turning her into Oracle, the story is set before Arkham Asylum. So there’s that.

The DLC will also deliver a playable Robin, although that isn’t exactly thrilling news since Robin’s been such a wet blanket to the Arkham series and nobody likes him. Poor guy.

Also – and some what alarmingly – this particular DLC was made by the studio behind the coldly-received Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. Montreal, so its quality is anybody’s guess at this point. Warner Bros. says the rest of the planned DLC will be made by Rocksteady, though, so even if this one’s a dud there’s better quality stuff to look forward to in future.

The pack will cost you $9.99 (R120-odd), and if you own game’s $40 season pass (and we’d love to know why you bought it if you do, that’s a lot of cash for more game), you’ll get A Matter of Family a week early, on the 14th of July.

[Source – Eurogamer, Image – Warner Bros.]

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