Gauteng MEC says Uber must register

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Another day, another Uber story.

Recently, the taxi-hailing app has been all over the news; this week alone, reports surfaced about an Uber driver being threatened at gunpoint and an Uber passenger being physically stopped from getting into a car she’d called.

Metered taxi driversin Gauteng, who have accused Uber of killing their business, met with the Johannesburg Mayoral Committee Member (MMC) for Transport on Monday and it seems their grievances may actually have been listened to.

Eyewitness News is reporting that Gauteng Transport MEC Ismail Vadi has announced it’s crunch time for both Uber and the drivers that use its app. Vadi says that Uber drivers now need to comply with the same regulations as metered taxi drivers or risk being taken off the road.

“At the moment there is a lacuna in the legislation between a Meter Taxi Association under chartered services, it does not accommodate Uber from a legal point of view,”  said Vadi.

“In principle, we’ve told them they have to register, if not they will not be allowed to operate. They will be an illegal operator,” he added.

Vadi said, however, that Uber has demonstrated a “willingness” to comply with regulations and that application forms have already been submitted.

A meeting between all three parties is scheduled for next week and it’s likely Uber users and metered taxi firm owners will be watching with interest. If Uber’s drivers end up complying with regulations, metered taxi drivers will probably have to come up with a better complaint than “they’re taking our business“. Watch this space….