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LG brings its cellphone touchscreen tech to PCs

Ultrabooks are set to have displays that are even thinner and lighter than they are right now, according  an announcement from LG today,

That’s because of LG Display’s new “Advanced In-Cell Tech” (AIT) touchscreen technology that builds touchscreen capabilities directly into the LCD itself, as opposed to building it on top of the screen as has been the norm up to now.

LG says this reduces a 15.6-inch, Full HD panel’s thickness by 1mm or so – 25 per cent – and drops the weight by a rather impressive 200g.

The tech was first seen in LG’s latest flagship phone, the G4 (which we rather liked), but it has now been scaled up to fit laptops and should be appearing in Ultrabooks sporting various screen sizes later this year.

LG also says the new tech will be less reflective and lead to better colours as the layer that previously held the touch technology is no longer there. We’ll be the judge of that, but it sounds good nonetheless.

With the imminent arrival of Windows 10, this move should inspire a number of super-thin but gorgeous Windows 10-powered laptops in the wake of the OS’s release. LG certainly expects demand for “touch-embedded products” to soar, and is poising itself to ride the wave.

We’re just happy to see laptops continuing the trend of becoming thinner and lighter, and look forward to seeing what the “global notebook brands” LG is working with come up with.

[Source & Image – LG Display]

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