Motofinn wants to make buying a car on Gumtree safe and simple

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Gumtree has partnered with private vehicle finance service provider Motofinn Solutions to help simplify the daunting process of buying a vehicle online.

Consumers can head over to the Motofinn page on Gumtree to list a car for sale or search for one. Once you’ve found your ideal car, you can submit all the seller’s details and documentation online, via email or fax to Motofinn and a consultant will assist you by validating the information from the seller.

Motofinn will a perform an HPI check to confirm the vehicle ownership. DEKRA Automotive will verify the vehicle’s condition and roadworthiness test. Motofinn can also apply for a vehicle finance on your behalf if you need any.

“The highly trained Motofinn team, together with DEKRA Automotive and TransUnion, will ensure that all parties enjoy a hassle free transaction while greatly minimising the risks and effort for both,” said Jeff Osborne, head of Gumtree Automotive.

Once an agreement between the buyer and vendor has been reached, the latter pays a once-off fee of R795. The service is free for buyers.

“By using a reputable third party, there is no need to handle large amounts of cash or to trust your own expertise in assessing a vehicle. There is a professional service that assists you every step of the way, giving you the confidence to sell online,” Osborne added.

[Image – Gumtree]



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