NASA’s app lets you explore Mars with your phone

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You may not be on the list of Mars One Project candidates who plan to make the red planet their future eternal home, but you can still visit it- virtually that is.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has just released an interactive desktop and a mobile map app called Mars Trek that you can use to see different parts of our neighbouring planet.

Mars Trek is very much like Google Earth and has three different viewing options: North Pole, South Pole and Global.

A North Pole view of Mars
A North Pole view of Mars

You can also geek out and do your own bit of scientific exploration with a tools panel for tasks such as distance calculation and sun angle calculation and one that lets you download 3D printing files you can use to print all the robotic rovers that have been landed on Mars to date.

All of Mars’ identified locations are pinned and clicking on a one of them will reveal details such as its size and the origins of its name (SPOILER ALERT: most are Latin).

Screenshot (547)

The Bookmarks Panel will show you the locations and historical information on all the planets landing sites, to start exploring these, you can just simply bookmark them on the map.Screenshot (545)

Although Mars Trek is accessible on mobile, a desktop screen offers better visuals and an altogether more easily navigable experience, so we’d recommend you explore using that version.

[Source – Mars Trek via Engadget, image – CC 2.0 by Marc Van Norden]



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