Over 25% of jobseekers in SA use the internet to find employment

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If you’ve been using online services like Twitter and career portals to look for a job, then you’re among 26.5% of job seekers in South Africa who turn to the internet to do so.

This was revealed in the Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) quarterly labour force survey for the second quarter of 2015, released today.

According to the survey, South Africa’s working-age population is 36 million. Of that total, 15.7 million are employed, 5.2 million are unemployed and 15.1 million ‘not economically active’ (in other words not looking for a job, or are too  young or old to work).

The number of employed people increased by 198 000, while unemployment declined by 305 000, bringing the unemployment rate down by 1.4% to 25% from 26.4% in the first quarter

Below is a graph showing the breakdown of the different methods jobseekers use to find employment.

CLFDiWnWwAAP75jEnquiring at work places is the top most used method, with internet searches placing fourth. The graph also shows that all listed methods apart from looking for land to start a business and registering at employment agencies, saw a decline in numbers since the second quarter of 2014.

Given that other recent figures from StatsSA suggest that over half of all South African households don’t have access to the internet at all, the number of people using it to find work seems pretty high.

StatsSA didn’t provide any further info on the breakdown of people using different methods of jobseeking, but you can read the full report detailing stats on employment and unemployment figures on the StatsSA website.

[Image – CC 2.0 by Flazingo Photos]



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