There’s no question that you need to be online 24/7, or that you require a fast, reliable and affordable connection. Today, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s for your home or business, the best type of bandwidth is one that checks all the right boxes.

Data? Performance? Stability? Cost? Here’s why Vox Telecom’s worldclass Fat Pipe will work for you:

1. It’s the best ADSL connectivity for your buck

Fat Pipe is about the quality of the experience and not about the amount of data consumed – you pay for what you’re likely to use during the course of a month.

2. It stays unshaped

Unshaped bandwidth does not prioritise traffic. Instead, it operates on a “first come, first served” basis, regardless of which protocol is used, to provide the best possible performance.

3. It’s great for gamers

Patches. Downloadable content. Ping time. Unshaped connectivity means that gaming data isn’t shifted to the back of the queue behind what’s often considered more important data. It’s the difference between a headshot and game over.

4. It’s perfect for families

When your child insists on downloading the entire internet for an important school project, you won’t have to go into family panic mode about being throttled and ban everyone else in the household from going online.

 5. It’s ideal if you like to stream audio and video

Did you know that streaming takes up a lot more bandwidth due to more data (both audio and video) having to be transferred in real time to your computer? You might not be an audiophile, but to get the most of all the new streaming services available you’ll need a better quality, unshaped bandwidth.

6. Connected to the cloud? Fat Pipe has you covered

Cloud computing can change the way a SME does business – it offers an extra layer of security and piece of mind. You do not have to worry about hard drives crashing or computers being stolen – all the data and applications you need are safely stored online and it’s easily accessible with the right kind of connection.

7. It’s the best bandwidth for your business

How can you increase your company’s digital presence? How can you do more online? Unshaped and uncapped bandwidth is what will truly give your small business the e-commerce boost it needs.

Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe is fantastic for families, suitable for SMEs and great for any online activity, be it gaming, audio streaming or cloud computing.

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[Image – CC by 2.0/reynermedia]
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