Last month the internet was swamped with downloads of Microsoft’s Windows 10, as well as people pondering the conundrum of whether to upgrade now or wait a while.

If you’re a maker, an inventor or just somebody looking to switch their kettle on as you pull into your driveway, Microsoft has released their developer environment specifically for Windows 10 and the Internet of Things (IoT), which means makers will likely want to click that “Upgrade Now” button sooner rather than later.

Regardless of what you’re looking to make and which board you’ll be using, at the very least you’re going to need the release build of Windows 10 (10240 for you Windows Insiders) and Visual Studio 2015. For programming, Windows 10 for IoT Core will support C++, C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Node.js and Python.

Of course there is already a library of projects for you to try your hand at, though we would like to see a wider variety and more community involvement as we saw at the launch of the Intel Edison, but we’re happy to give it a bit of time to gather some momentum.

While this does feel like Microsoft trying to hop on the maker bandwagon with a somewhat lukewarm effort, we do need to give them credit for trying to enter a market that is, by definition, open source.

This is more a step in Microsoft’s new direction insofar as business goes, but is Windows 10 for IoT Core going to take off like Arduino IDE did? Chances are it won’t, but hey it doesn’t hurt to have as many options as possible available to makers and creators.

If you’re interested in Windows 10 for IoT Core you can head over to the Windows Dev Center and download all the software you’ll need to get started.

[Via – PC World]