Makerbot’s Thingiverse is (probably) the largest online repository of 3D models which anyone can upload and download files from for 3D printing. It’s where almost anyone who owns a 3D printer starts out looking for projects to make, and it has a wealth of useful stuff.

Tablet stands, knife handles, fruit juicers, car parts. These are all good. Bits to make other 3D printers out of, or to customise your own printer are popular. Phone cases, game pieces and busts based on videogames or sci-fi, most of Thingiverse is a sensible place to be.

But bits of it are really weird. It’s like an updated Rule 34 for the real world. There are corners of Thingiverse which are dark and odd.

Which we’ve obviously visited in order to bring you this round-up.

10. Axegasmic Vibe Sleeve by Peter Phelps


There’s surprisingly little would be raunch on Thingiverse, and what there is betrays a particularly practical bent among makers. Like this sleeve for a small vibrator – presumably designed to transport said implement in with some level of discretion. Or it could be an add-on for use, who knows?

Top trivia: there is a spin-off of Thingiverse that focuses on male genitalia products. It’s name? Dongiverse. Quite.

9. Beefy shark by CEO Jameson 2501

beefyshark-medium_preview_featuredIt’s a shark. It has giant man arms. It’s actually a superb model for something so silly.

Yes, we are going to print one, but the main thing we want to focus on here is the practicality of a shark with human appendages. As we all know all too well, sharks are the apex predators of the ocean that wouldn’t need any improvement with squishy human-parts.

But think about it: with arms the sharks could wield tools, build things, maybe create a way to breathe on land. When that day comes all of mankind will know that the end started with a joke 3D model on a website.

Or It’s just a shark. And It has giant man arms

8. Fing-Longer by jesse

Finglonger_preview_featuredGood news everyone! You can now print the best invention from Futurama!

If that sentence means nothing to you, then you’ve obviously not watched Futurama, and you’re only living a half a life until you do. If you don’t know what the Fing-Longer is, The Futurama Wiki has you covered.

Can you imagine it? One extremely long index finger. All the buttons you could press, all the objects just out of your reach that could be used; all of this could be yours with a quick printing session. A man can dream…

7. Inverse Colbert by Ryan Schmidt


With Jon Stewart leaving his position in The Daily Show, American political pundits have been in the news quite recently.

While we love Jon Stewart, we have to give our heart to Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. , host of the superb The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. So we were over the moon when a Thingiverse user created a printable bust of the man. Then Ryan Schmidt came along and did odd things to it.

Life’s not so bad Stephen, turn that frown… oh forget it.

6. SnowAlien by Brandom Bass


The joy of open creation and publishing is that you can take what others have made and customise them for your own please. You stand on the shoulders of geniuses, so to speak. Or, you take a Xenomorph head and stick it on a harmless snowman’s body, natch.

5. Bombama by Rodrigo Huerta

bombamaFront_preview_featuredThe creator of this included a description which describes the model as a political statement about Obama receiving a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 before bombing several countries.

We’re not going to get into politics here, but we have to say that regardless of the reason for its creation, BombBama looks glorious.

Not to discredit the creator, Obama looks like Meltman from the awesome Nickelodeon show Action League Now!

4. Finger cheese scraper/knife by Paul Waterfield


Many things on Thingiverse have a practical application. Think of mini-bulldozer-scoop you can use to dig out hunks of cheese and you’re starting to get the idea. Imagine how much cheese you could shovel into your mouth with such an item? Well you don’t have to: you can simply head over to Thingiverse and print one off.

3. Cat hat made ​​from the shell of a crab by hisashi imai

428334_10200432825404011_65291999_n_preview_featuredWhat is going on here?

What am I doing with my life?

2. Turtle Dragon by turtledragon27

turtle_dragon_preview_featured (1)

We’re terrified of the idea of a dragon encased in a shell, (although we think a shark with massive arms might be able to take it on) but turtledragon27’s creations are just too cute for words.

What we like about this model, and why it’s on this list, is the cartoonish depiction of the beasts. From the hadoken-esque fireball to the stick wings and the gormless faces, we’d be proud to display this model on our desks..

1. The High Priest of the Great Old Ones. The Great Dreamer. The Sleeper of R’lyeh. Cthulhu by Wyatt Jameson


To quote Lovecraft:

ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.