Ahead of this year’s Maker Faire in Cape Town, there will be a Maker Conference where industry veterans and maker giants will get together to discuss all aspects of the craft ahead of the event.

With the Maker Faire going live on August 21st, the Maker Conference will take place on the 20th at the The Lookout, V&A Waterfront.

The conference’s themes will be Education and Making, The Business of Making, and How Large Corporations and Makers Can Solve Social Issues. That’s a nice, broad range of discussions topics for the event, and the speaker line-up is awesome.

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We chatted with Bertier Luyt about Fabshop-type opportunities in South Africa earlier, and we’ll be writing that up for a full feature in a bit. Here’s a quick taster.

At Maker Faire Cape Town, I will talk about how being a “Maker” has changed my life. I am a self-educated entrepreneur; 10 years ago I was unemployed. I now run a French start-up leader in digital manufacturing and 3D printing and I am a professional “Maker”.  It’s a privilege for me to visit Cape Town for the first Maker Faire in Cape Town. The Maker movement is expanding and it’s exciting to see new cities joining.

You can be sure we’ll have more stories for you coming out of the Mother City as it becomes the hub of making for a few days.

If you want to attend here are some useful links for you: